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NEXT Group Holdings Inc. | NXGH | Corporate Profile



Next Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: NXGH) is a corporation headquartered in Miami, Florida, which, through its operating subsidiaries, engages in the business of using proprietary technology and certain licensed technology to provide innovative mobile banking, mobility, and telecommunications solutions to underserved, unbanked, and emerging markets. NXGH's principal executive offices are located at 1111 Brickell Avenue, Suite 2200, Miami, Florida 33131, and its telephone number at that location is (800) 611-3622. NXGH's web address is nextgroupholdings.com.

NEXT Group Holdings, Inc. is a leading-edge communications technology company focused on providing innovative mobility and financial solutions for the emerging markets. The company operates primarily through its M&M Telecom, Next CALA, NxtGn and AIM subsidiary holdings.

M&M Telecom

M&M Telecom is a state-of-the-art telecommunications long distance service provider with FCC 214 Authority that operates Next Mobile 360, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and Tel3, a Retail Prepaid Telecom provider.  M&M leverages its proprietary technologies as a foundation of an advanced VoIP network, allowing the company to deliver cost-efficient and high-quality long distance services for HD voice and HD video to our customers. For more information on M&M Telecom and Next Mobile 360, please visit www.nextmobile360.com

Tel3 is the retail pin-less prepaid division of M&M Telecom that was recently acquired. Tel3 had over $3 million in revenue in 2015 with 25,000 customers and a database of over 300,000 current and former clients. Currently, Tel3 has 38,000 followers on Facebook and is renewing its social media and advertising programs to the Latino population. Tel3’s Android and iPhone apps enable clients to make long distance calls with just a WiFi or mobile data connection from anywhere in the world.

Tel3’s main Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/TEL3Social

Tel3’s Cuba promotion page:  https://www.facebook.com/llamaACubaPorMenos

Tel3’s Twitter page:                 https://twitter.com/Tel3Alerts

NxtGn Advanced Technologies

NxtGn has developed with industry leader Cisco Systems, a unique product called AVYDA powered by Telarix, an HD Telepresence platform that has the capability to allow thousands of people to connect simultaneously using their Mobile phones, Tablets and PC devices for collaboration with celebrities, talent, healthcare, and education applications for iOS. AVYDA allows HD video conference participants to connect with up to thousands of live participants per session border control (SBC). For more information on NxtGn, please visit www.nxtgn.net  Read more about NxtGn with Cisco here: http://blogs.cisco.com/sp/cisco-helps-nxtgn-and-telarix-deliver-ipv6-enabled-video-solution


AIM Accent Intermedia


AIM is a Program Manager and fulfillment provider for many prepaid gift and open and closed loop cards. Some of the customers of AIM are: Harley Davidson, Applebee’s , AMC Theaters, Hooters and more.  AIM also manages a General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) debit card. AIM’s website is http://www.accentintermedia.com/



NEXTCALA Reloadable General Purpose VISA® Card and Mobile Apps


Next Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: NXGH) released its NEXTCALA mobile applications for both Android and iOS, through its subsidiary NEXTCALA, Inc. 







A Whole New Revenue Stream

NXGH, through its subsidiary Meimoun & Mammon, LLC and its marketing brand, Tel3, has begun the rollout, sale and installation of its State of the Art, "Super Functional” Point Of Sale - POS/Cash Register that has received great attention due to its sleek, modern, efficient design and amazing combination of interactive tools that make the retail experience friendlier, quicker and better both for the shopper and for store management. The system can currently manage sale and inventory of hard goods, food, fuels, long distance telephone service, cellular “TopUps” (US & International) and Bill Pay for utilities. Within the next 90 days, the system should be enabled for US & International Money Transfers, Rewards Programs, General Purpose Reload Debit cards (VISA®, Mastercard®), Digital gift cards and other financial products. The Company’s aggressive program to install the POS/Cash register systems in qualifying stores and through vertical markets has been well received. The Company’s strong Financial Technology, Telecom and Mobility assets will play a major role in the development and deployment of our strategies.  For more information, visit the website www.pos.nxtgn.net




Source: The Company, OxBridge Research, Daily Stock Deal, OTC King, OTC Stock Wire


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