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Omagine, Inc. (OTCQB: OMAG) Profile, Summary

Omagine is an entertainment, hospitality and tourism company with significant residential and commercial real estate development and property management activities.

The company is headquartered in New York City and has a subsidiary in Muscat, Oman. Omagine is focused on MENA Region real-estate development and hospitality opportunities because the company believes the enormous financial resources in the MENA region combined with a recent shift in economic development strategies of regional Governments present huge opportunities. (See how OMAG could benefit from it, click here)

The Vision

The company has signed a $2.5 billion development agreement with the Government of Oman, developing a mixed-use Tourism/Residential and Commercial/Retail project known as - The Omagine Project. The 245 acre prime beachfront property is located just 6 miles from Muscat International Airport. The beautiful Pearl shaped buildings will overlook the serene Gulf of Oman, surrounded by a vibrant art and culture scene, poised to inspire the world.

The Omagine Project is designed as an exquisite, modern architectural marvel built with environmentally friendly materials in a family friendly living/working space. It blends local values and customs for today's global citizens where residents and visitors live, work and play in complete harmony with nature.

The existing majestic Sultan Qaboos Street, home to Muscat's many landmarks, provides easy access to The Omagine Project, where art and culture thrive, residents and visitors experience Arabian hospitality, dine in fine restaurants and shop at exclusive showrooms of global brands. (See project overview, click here)

The Future

Most Americans are familiar with The Palm Islands of Dubai. The Palm started with a vision and a simple rendering, despite huge challenges, the vision came true. Dubai became one of the world’s top tourist destinations and one of most expensive real estate markets in the world.



The Omagine Project – and its Pearls – has the potential to become the next major tourism destination and one of the most highly desired real estate markets. Muscat could become the next hot destination for the tourists around the world.

The Omagine Project – The Pearls


The Omagine Project – The Pearls

Timing and Location is Everything!

The timing couldn't be better for Chinese investors. The Stock Market in China down sharply and the Chinese economy slowing down considerably. Chinese investors looking for an alternative, discovered Dubai. Investors from China are flocking to Dubai. Huge demand from investors is driving up real estate prices in Dubai and the cost of living and doing business in Dubai has increased dramatically.

We believe, The Omagine Project (Muscat) offers the next great opportunity for investors and Global corporations doing business in the Middle East. Muscat's low cost of living and cheaper office space offers a better ROI.

The Pearls (Muscat) expected to meet or exceed the lifestyle choice and luxury for less. It’s a great opportunity for Global corporations to establish their MENA headquarters in Muscat. Also, a unique opportunity for accredited investors seeking to diversify their portfolios.

Source: The Company, OxBridge Research, Daily Stock Deal, OTC King, OTC Stock Wire

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