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KiOR, KIOR, Profile, Summary PDF Print E-mail
Featured Deal - Featured Deal
Written by Editor   
Thursday, 17 July 2014 03:06







KiOR | KIOR | Profile | Summary

KiOR is a next-generation renewable fuels company that has developed a proprietary technology platform to convert biomass into renewable crude oil that is processed into gasoline, diesel and fuel oil blendstocks. The company built the first commercial scale cellulosic fuel facility in Columbus, MS, which started production in 2012. KiOR strives to help ease dependence on foreign oil, reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions and create high-quality jobs and economic benefit across rural communities.


Key differentiating factors about KiOR include:

  • Breakthrough technology that leverages proven process

  • Ability to use of abundant non-food feedstocks

  • Access to a vast global market and large base of customers

  • Experienced management team that can deliver accelerated growth.




KiOR has developed a proprietary technology platform to convert sustainable, low-cost, non-food biomass into a hydrocarbon-based renewable crude oil. Using standard refining equipment, the company processes its renewable crude into gasoline and diesel blendstocks that can utilize the existing transportation fuel infrastructure for use in vehicles on the road today.
In essence, KiOR’s technology simply reduces the time it takes to produce oil from millions of years to a matter of seconds. The company’s technology platform combines its proprietary catalyst systems with a process based on existing Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) technology, a standard process used for over 60 years in oil refining. The efficiency of KiOR’s process, called Biomass Fluid Catalytic Cracking (BFCC), and the proven nature of catalytic cracking technologies allow for significant cost advantages, including lower capital and operating costs, versus traditional biofuels producers.

KiOR processes its renewable crude oil in a conventional hydrotreater, which is a standard process unit used in oil refineries, into gasoline and diesel blendstocks that can be combined with existing fossil-based fuels and used in vehicles on the road today.



KiOR produces renewable gasoline and diesel blendstocks that are comparable to their fossil-fuel based counterparts and can easily be dropped-in to the existing fuel supply, offering a more environmentally friendly fuel option to consumers at the pump. According to a full lifecycle emissions analysis of KiOR data, based on the Argonne National Laboratory's Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions and Energy Use in Transportation, or GREET model, using KiOR'sdata, KiOR’s gasoline and diesel blendstocks are projected to reduce direct lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80% compared to fossil-based gasoline and diesel.

Given the infrastructure compatibility of its renewable fuels, KiOR expects to access the $2 trillion global transportation fuels market  while also benefiting from government programs, such as the US Renewable Fuel Standard.

KiOR’s renewable blendstocks can be combined with conventional gasoline and diesel fuels by refiners and oil companies and sold to distributors of finished products, or end users of fuel products. To date, KiOR has signed fuel offtake agreements with Hunt Refining, Catchlight Energy, and FedEx Corporate Services, thus demonstrating its ability to fulfill the needs of a variety of customers.


Greenhouse Gas Reductions

While KiOR’s blendstocks are comparable to their fossil fuel-based counterparts, because they are made from renewable biomass, they can contribute to significant reductions in carbon emissions. In fact, on a full lifecycle basis, KiOR’s gasoline and diesel blendstocks are projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 80% compared to the fossil-based fuels they displace, according to an analysis of KiOR data by TIAX LLC.

Sources: The Company, OxBridge Research, OTCKING, DailyStockDeals, OTCstockIQ

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