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Recent IR Campaigns & Compensations


By using this site you acknowledge that you are an ACCREDITED INVESTOR as defined by Rule 501 (a) promulgated under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and/or a QUALIFIED PURCHASER as defined by the Investment Company Act of 1940 visit SEC.gov for details ,you further acknowledge that you have read the full disclaimer/disclosure and understand the risks associated with investing in OTC/Pinksheets stocks, further you understand that we are not a registered broker dealer/financial adviser. We are financial media firm and we receive compensation for writing opinion pieces, advertorials, blogs, designing and placing ads, email campaigns and hosting promotional material on our websites/blogs/social media sites etc. Securities trading on the OTC/PINKSHEETS exchange pose significant risks. Always consult with your financial adviser/broker/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/neighbor and barber before investing in penny stocks.


01. Ree International Inc.REEI.PK, compensation, Thirty Five Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

02. First Liberty Power Corp. FLPC.OB, compensation, Thirsty Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

03. Frogads Inc. FROG.OB, compensation, Thirsty One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

04. Spectrum Acquisitions SPAH.PK, compensation, Forty Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

05. Hybrid Fuels Inc. HRID.PK, compensation, Thirty Eight Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

06. AVworks Aviation SPLI.PK, compensation, Thirty Five Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party. 

07. Crown Equity Holdings CRWE.OB, compensation, Thirty Five Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

08. GreenCell Inc GCLL.OB, compensation, Twenty Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party. www.otcstockwire.com

09. Universal BioEnergy UBRG.PK, compensation, Nine Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

10. Seven Arts Entertainment SAPX (NASDAQ) Thirty Five Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

11. Winland Ocean Shipping WLOL.OB, compensation, Thirty Five Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

12. Lone Star Gold LSTG.OB, compensation, Twenty Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

13. Premier Beverage Group Corp PBGC.PK, compensation, Thirty Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

14. Signature Devices SDVI.PK, compensation, Fifteen Thousand Dollars, paid by the company.

15. China HGS Real Estate HGSH (NASDAQ), compensation Thirty Five Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

16. Positron Corporation POSC.OB, compensation, Thirty Five Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

17. Stevia Corporation STEV.OB, compensation, Thirty Five Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

18. Techs LoanStar TCLN.PK, Forty Thousand Dollars, Paid by the company and Fifteen Thousand, by a Third Party

19. Medical Billing Assistance FCHS.OB, compensation, Thirty Five Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

20. Auri Inc AURI.OB, compensation, Seventy Six Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party. www.otcstockwire.com

21. Nyxio Tech NYXO.PK, compensation, Thirty Five Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.

22. Fox Petroleum FXPT.PK, compensation, Forty Five Thousand Dollars, paid by a Third Party.


Important Please Note: If you wish to launch a campaign or want to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact us.

This is a partial list of companies selected at random without any particular preference or prejudice, companies use multiple channels so other promotion campaigns may still be in progress, thus, the payment information is incomplete, amounts reflect only the known payments. Payments are made by the companies and/or their representatives, large shareholder(s) third parties (sometimes without company's knowledge) The payers may directly benefit from any price increase, they may liquidate their positions during the campaign. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information and have no obligation or plans to correct/update the list.



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