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Helping Companies Connect with Investors
Your Best Source for Low Cost Capital
Trusted by OTC companies for over 7 Years!

America's promising young companies are facing incredible hurdles to access capital.The skyrocketing cost of capital forcing CEOs to scale back operations and abandon growth plans. Meanwhile, the cost to reach investors has risen sharply. Daily Stock Deals has created a most affordable solution to help entrepreneurs connect with investors at a fraction of the cost. We work with companies that are raising millions of dollars and creating thousands of jobs in America. 




   Did you know IR Guys Siphon OFF up to 80% of your money? 

 We successfully eliminated 'The Middleman' so you could SAVE thousands of

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Financial Insight + 5 Point Omnichannel Marketing Bringing investors more closer than ever before!

Research Profile, compelling call-to-action articles, press reviews and more...



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Daily Stock Deals is dedicated to help level the playing field and provide fair access.  Get what you really want for 2o cents on a dollar and Keep the rest in Your Pocket! 


Discover the most affordable alternative at 20% of the sticker price. Find out how our clients using our expertise to quickly attract more investors.

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Who uses Daily Stock Deal? Seasoned CEOs, Successful Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders.


Small Caps & Big Penny Stocks Rely on Us Everyday!



You are in Good company!




Exclusive 5 Point proven strategy!

>> Rotating Banner will be prominently displayed on the Daily Stock Deals home page, thousands of visitors will be exposed to your company 24/7, a banner with company logo/ticker will be strategically placed for optimum visibility.

>> Permanent Corporate Profile on our websites, indexed and optimized to organically increase your company's SEO ranking in major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo!

>> Email Newsletter, branded in your company colors, adorned with your logo, a custom crafted message from our editors with a call to action will be sent out to the entire database of opted-in members

>> Press Release, our channel partner will distributed Press Release announcing the initiation of coverage to 25 Top Financial Media Portals, any Press Releases subsequently released by your company will be redistributed, re-posted on our network and analyzed and discussed in blogs/forums to increase understanding, awareness and retention.

>> Social Media coverage, DailyStockDeals and TOP10STOCKS will provide coverage on Facebook and Twitter, discussing your company's news, media reports, corporate developments and market activity.




Internet Search Rankings (organic)

Daily Stock Deals


                     GOOGLE        BING          YAHOO

                            #1                    #1                 #1

Traffic Stats: (organic)

Unique Visitors:               Daily (2174)                   Monthly  (65220)

Page Views:                         Daily (3342)                   Monthly  (100260)

Number of Hits:               Daily (15432)                  Monthly  (462960)

Social Media:

Facebook: /DailyStockDeals.

Twitter: @TOP10STOCKS @DailyStockDeals

Number of Affiliates/Partners in the network (10)



What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Easy Online Bank to Bank Transfers/Wire Transfers and PayPal (which accepts VISA,MasterCard,American Express)

Do I have to sign a contract

No. You pay month-to-month for monthly plans and for Pro Plans you pay only once.

When am I charged?

Plans are billed monthly from the date you begin your subscription.

Do you charge any other Fee?


Do I get an invoice?

Of course.


You can contact us ( here ) or send an email to: Editor [@] DailyStockDeals.com    Thank You!



'Bell-to-Bell Live support'® 100% Money-Back Guarantee!


Find new investors fast! Choose the Daily Deal package that works best for your business.

See how you can use Daily Deals to reach more investors.

Learn how some of the most successful Small Caps/OTC companies in the world are using Daily Deals in their IR/PR campaigns.

Daily Deal has the resources you need to get more investors.

Getting started is super Easy! 


See what other CEOs and IR Representatives are saying:

It's a game changer!” “A true paradigm shift!”

“Cheaper, Better, Faster! Client driven”

Simple, Refreshing, innovative design with clients in mind”

its On! Profit from i

1. You never Slash Price, You never Share Revenues, You keep it ALL!

2.Reach thousands of investors for the cost of an ad!

Successful companies chose Daily Deals because its effective and its costs Less!

Enjoy the benefits, Get Featured today!

it's simple and very easy to get started:  just email the Editor [@] DailyStockDeals.com, we will take it from there! 


Our web properties are visited primarily by high net worth individuals, active traders, money managers and accredited investors with disposable income that exceed the national average. The majority of our members/visitors are men aged 25 and older with college degrees and in management/supervisory positions, an ideal demographic group for the vendors of high end consumer goods, financial services, sports and gaming oriented goods and service providers.

For Emerging Public companies its an ideal place to reach new investors, inform, educate and seek their support for your business plans and growth strategies. Daily Stock Deals could help increase your name and ticker recognition and make your company stand-out in the extremely crowded OTC Market. A great opportunity to enhance your IR campaign at a small budget.

If you offer goods or services that are a right match for our audience and beneficial to you as an advertiser, we will work with you in developing creative to maximize your ROI.

Please contact our ad manager for availability and pricing, Thanks.

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